I love art, design, & math

Some decide to go towards design others find their way to developing, I have chosen both. I feel equally as comfortable working with marketing teams and clients as I do sitting in a room full of devs. My ability to work in both environments has become one of my greatest contributions to a team. 

Rene Ibarra

I entered the design industry, fresh out of college, with my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. My first job was as a graphic designer, and it was a natural progression to web design. Working with developers on projects, I started seeing that I had a natural talent for picking up code. Not being one to sit around when there is work to be done, I found many opportunities to apply and grow my skills. Many years later, I now have expertise as a web designer and developer, and I have held positions in both.

I am loaded with insatiable curiosity, tenacity, and an ability to learn quickly. I'm creative and bring a solid work ethic to every thing I do. My ideal position is one where I can use all of my skills to the full extent. I take all of these skills and take you from where you are today to where you would like to be tomorrow.